Comprehensive Security for Your Small Business

The business world is changing, and small businesses are no longer immune to major security risks like phishing and ransomware but with over 700 thousand attacks per year and rising, SMBs can no longer ignore the need for solid security.

Whether you’re a one-man shop, hitting your first 10, or expanding your workforce, a solid, monitored, and comprehensive security platform is critical to your ongoing success.

With the Sagewood Security Suite, your business will get the absolute best in technology security at a cost that will not break your budget.

Together these modules provide your business with complete security coverage that a simple antivirus program cannot compare to.

In addition to the Security Modules, Security Suite subscribers will also get discounted access to Sagewood Technical Services Award-winning support and other managed services. Just like you wouldn’t drive your car without its safety features, don’t run your business without its security.

If your Computer is protected by a program that starts with an “M” or an “N” or if your computer doesn’t have an antivirus program at all?

Your SMB needs Full Protection