The business world is changing, and small businesses are no longer immune to major security risks like phishing and ransomware but with over 700 thousand attacks per year and rising, SMBs can no longer ignore the need for solid small business security.

Whether you’re a one-man shop, hitting your first 10, or expanding your workforce, a solidmonitored, and comprehensive security platform is critical to your ongoing success.

Introducing the Sagewood Security Suite, your business will get the absolute best in technology security at a cost that will not break your budget.

What is the Sagewood Security Suite? Simply put, it is everything your small business needs to ensure that it is protected against Cyberthreats like ransomware, phishing, viruses and more, but goes far beyond what some other “antivirus” programs could ever offer.

The Problem:

Most Antivirus programs have a fundamental problem that they are not telling you about. They are only good when you, or someone else, are watching. That’s ok if you are at your computer 24/7 or if you power down your computer completely every time you are away from it. Modern ransomware and Malware, rarely start their work as soon as they find their way onto a computer, they wait until the computer is idle, and the first order of business for them is to shut down your antivirus program. That way they can continue running unseen and undetected even when you’re back at your computer.

The Solution:

How do you protect yourself if your protection doesn’t really protect you? Simple! You have someone watch your computer 24/7 365. This is where Sagewood comes in. With our Security Operations Centre, We monitor your computer for signs of incursions, viruses, malware, ransomware, and more. Our operations centre staff not only monitor 24/7 for these kinds of problems but also will work on your behalf to correct or solve issues when they are found. All this means that you don’t need to worry about what the next threat may be because we’re watching out for you.

Your Question:

The number 1 question we get is: Why even worry about this? as a small business we’re not likely to be targeted by threat actors. It’s generally the bigger companies that have to worry about that.

Our Answer:

I wish I could say that being smaller means you’re safer from these kinds of threats, but this just isn’t the case. Threat actors are completely indiscriminate in who they target. Typically they simply buy a list of emails to phish or lists of compromised credentials to attempt access to. They really don’t care much if it’s a small, medium, or large company. They only care if they can make some money off of you.

The reality of the situation is there are many more small companies like yours than there are large companies, and oftentimes smaller companies are easier targets because they often have less security in place. The Statistic bares this out too.

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Collaborate for success

It must be clear by now that EoL/EoS software and hardware can pose several risks to your organization. Implementing all the practical steps listed above to avoid these risks can be overwhelming if you don’t have assistance. This is where an IT service provider like us can come in handy.

We can help you protect your company from the dangers of EoL/EoS software and hardware. To learn more, feel free to contact us today.

Meanwhile, you can go through our infographic “What Does End of Support Mean for Your Business?” which you can download by clicking here.