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At Sagewood we’re all about helping businesses achieve their goals through the use and management of technology. We offer not just tech support and monitoring but move beyond that to true partnership, helping align your goals and your technology, developing short medium, and long-term plans to ensure that your business stays relevant, up to date, and most importantly helping to achieve your goals instead of being a hindrance to your day-to-day operations

Partnership with Sagewood starts with learning about your business, your goals, and your particular needs. This is the basis for everything else we do. With a deep knowledge of your business and goals, we can work together through 1st class support and regular touchpoints, to align the technology you use to your goals.

We are passionate about helping businesses grow!


Our Virtual Cheif Information Officer will join you and your team on their journey to business success. We know that you have precious little time to be worrying about the latest tech trend or what computer is in or out of warranty or which server policy has been applied. Why not make that our job? We’ll report to you on the status of your systems and regularly provide advise on your technology that you can trust.

Professional Services

Have a project? Let the team at Sagewood plan, source, and execute your project for you. We will work with you every step of the way to source products at the best price, and complete your project on time and on budget. We’re well versed in both large and small technical projects and partner with a wide range of suppliers so you always know you’re getting the best value.

Technical Alignment Manager

Where as your vCIO is your business partner your Technical Alignment Manager (TAM) is your day-to-day technology expert. Your dedicated TAM is the person you’ll be in contact with most often regarding concerns in your technology stack. Your vCIO is concerned with strategy, your TAM is concerned with executing that strategy.

Business Continuity

Can your business afford to be down for a day or more? Is there a plan in place in the even of a ransomware attack or natural disaster? Your Sages at Sagewood are expert in business continuity and disaster recovery.

Advanced Threat Detection

We can’t promise that ransomeware attacks will never happen. What we can do is employ the absolute best in threat detection and mitigation as well as provide training to minimize your companies attack vectors.

Centralized Services

Our Centralized Services team are experts at cutting through the noise of the myriad alerts and emails that come from a typical technology stack. We agregate, and qualify every alert and aake action when necessary.

Courteous Support Staff

When you call our office for support, sales, or service, you can expect to be greeted by a courteous team member who will assist in fulfilling your request.

Business Process Evaluation

We have several team members who specialize in evaluating your business processes and recommending ways in which technology can help you reduce operational costs, maximize staff productivity, and increase efficiency.

Remote Support Services

By leveraging remote support software, we can resolve your issues quickly and at a reduced cost.

Quarterly Business Review

We will meet with you twice a year (at no charge) to discuss the direction in which your business is moving, and outline a technology plan to help you budget technology expenditures and ensure you are utilizing technology in the most efficient manner

Detailed Billing

All of our invoices include a summary of the tasks requested, a summary of the steps taken to complete the tasks as well as a detailed time record indicating the time spent on the tasks and the amount billed.

Online Portal

We provide an online portal that allows you to view all your past and current tickets. Using this tool, you can see the status and modify tickets, as well as search a knowledge base of past problems and resolutions

Flexible Agreement Options

We understand that each business has unique technology support needs and budgets; therefore we will work with you to create a custom agreement option that meets your current and future needs


You should expect, and demand, total confidentiality from someone you entrust with your business information. All MSP employees have strict confidentiality agreements in place and comprehensive background investigations so that you can be assured that all the confidential information you share with us will be safe

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