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The Non-Technical Version of What’s Happening

IT security experts are tracking a new 0-day attack affecting users. This information is particularly important as there is currently no patch/update for it. As always we advise all of our clients to be extra wary of unsolicited emails and only open attachments from sources you know and trust. Here are the main takeaways:

  • This is a 0-day attack that sprung up out of nowhere, and there’s currently no patch available
  • This 0-day features remote code execution, which means that once this code is detonated, threat actors can elevate their own privileges and potentially gain “god mode” access to the affected environment
  • The mitigations that are available are messy workarounds that the industry hasn’t had time to study the impact of. They involve changing settings in the Windows Registry, which is serious business because an incorrect Registry entry could brick your machine
  • Detonating this malicious code is as simple as opening up a Word doc—in preview mode

If you have any questions about this or need to review or update your security measures. Please feel free to reach out to us at 587-602-0225, We will keep you updated as this story develops.