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Sagewood Billing Portal


A Quick “How-To” Guide


This is the first thing you will see when logging in, known as the “Dashboard” portal section.

  • From here you may quickly view invoices and make payments using the prominent tiles.

    • The tiles will link to the same “Open Invoices” portal segment.

  • Using the three bar menu, you may change your password, logout, or “change companies” if applicable.

Open Invoices

Click the “OPEN INVOICES” menu option:

  • All currently open invoices in our system are listed here. Please let us know if items are missing!

    • If needed, you may conveniently sort & filter with the three bar button.

    • Select the items you wish to pay, and click “Pay Selected”.

Clicking “MORE” on any invoice will display a details window:

  • Please “VIEW” to see the specific line items in PDF format

    • The PDF will open in a new browser tab

      • (Encountering issues? Try using Google Chrome! Or temporarily allowing pop-ups)

    • You may print/save the PDF as desired

    • Click on “Comment” to send us an inquiry regarding a particular invoice

To Process a payment:

  • Select the checkbox of one (or multiple) invoice(s). Click “PAY SELECTED” 

    • A dialog will appear: please select a payment method on file, or add a new entry.

      • Partial payment amounts can be entered in the top right corner!

      • You have the option of splitting payments up with multiple payment methods.

Advanced Payment Options:

    • Selecting the “Schedule Payment” switch to “ON” offers the ability to pick a specific payment date, using the Date Picker.

      • This is not an “auto-pay”, but rather a one-time payment for the future.


Clicking “SUBMIT” will give you a chance to review your actions.

Clicking “CONFIRM” will yield a payment success or failure screen

    • An email receipt will be sent to your login email address.

      • You may send any additional receipts using the “Add Email Receipt” field.

    • If the payment is scheduled for the future, the receipt will show the scheduled payment date.

Invoice History

Click on the “Invoices” menu option:

  • Click “MORE” on previously issued and archaic invoices

    • You may again view specific details, or print & save the PDF

    • The page numbers on the right, and search box can help narrow the results


Click on the PAYMENTS menu option:

    • View all currently pending, future scheduled (including AutoPay) or past historic payments


Click on the AUTOPAY menu option:

    • Click “NEW”, and expand to reveal the available options

    • Configure your preferences in 5 steps, as per the example image below

      • Note: You can have more than one “AutoPay” Rule/Condition at a time!

      • With the below “less than $” example, “one-off” type invoices can also be paid automatically!

1 – Select the payment method you want this rule to follow

2 – “On Due Date” will pay invoices matching the criteria on the date they are due (not created)

3 – Select “Contract” or “Amount”

4 – Pick the recurring service agreement you would like to be auto-paid

5 – Save your changes!


Click on the “Service” menu option:

    • Creating a new service ticket is easy as 1 2 3!

    • You may also view historic tickets with the “Closed” filter.


Mobile device navigation:

    • The top menu bar is replaced by the lower right button, but functions nearly the same.

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